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Co Cars

CoCar and CoBike

In Exeter, the company currently has a total of 36 car club vehicles, including 6 electric, available to hire by the hour or the day; over 50 Co Bikes electric bikes available from 13 locations and half a dozen Co Delivery e-cargo bikes delivering across the city. 2021 will see them add a further 20 electric cars and over 50 additional e-bikes to their network.

The company’s focus on shared mobility supports Exeter’s Net Zero 2030 carbon neutrality goal. By offering an alternative to private car ownership, Co Cars is helping to reduce Exeter’s congestion and pollution, contributing to improved air quality and creating a more attractive environment.

Each shared Co Car removes between 6-10 private cars from the road and is used, on average, 25% of the time, compared to just 4% for private vehicles. The cars fulfill a wide variety of functions including replacing a little used, second family car or as a cost-effective alternative to company vehicles.

Co Bikes are ideal for first/last mile connectivity and for cross city journeys that would have previously been done by car. Swapping shorter journeys for an e-bike instead of the car also supports a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Its Co Delivery e-cargo bikes rapidly transport goods around the city’s streets because, unlike vans, they can use cycle lanes, take shortcuts and park with ease; and have a very small environmental footprint as they produce no emissions.

Finally, their products are fun. Freed from the expense and restrictions of ownership, Co Cars members can drive any car, anywhere in the company’s network and only pay for the hours they use. Cycling electric bikes allows riders to thoroughly enjoy the experience without breaking into a sweat so they arrive at their destination both energized and refreshed. And Co Delivery e-cargo bikes always attract lots of interest and smiles as they zip around delivering goods to both businesses and residents. Together, they are transforming travel in Exeter by offering on demand, low carbon, affordable shared mobility for all.