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Queen St Dining is very happy to welcome Brewdog to its world class group of brands. This forward thinking, community and carbon neutral focused brand optimises what a modern company should look like with its carbon neutral pledge and its focus on community matters and we are thrilled that they have chosen Exeter as the home of one of their locations.

Boasting the world’s first craft beer hotel and their own beer museum, Brewdog is the home to the award-winning Punk IPA (amongst many other award winning beers)

‘When Brewdog came to us to look at the unit, they spoke about how excited they were to come to Exeter and what a great city it was! They also mentioned that they would like to get involved in the local community and that homelessness was high on their agenda of issues that needed tackling.  At the same time, The Exeter Homeless Partnership came to our attention with a plea for help during this extremely hard time for its benefactors. It was a perfect match! Brewdog literally jumped straight in and got involved, it really was inspiring!’ – Nikki Fairclough ( Marketing Manager, Queen St Dining)

The Exeter Homeless Partnership outlines the importance on their website:

‘The needs of local charities and community groups changes throughout the year, and don’t always relate to funding. We want to help ensure that expertise, innovation and opportunities are shared across sectors and communities. Conversely, we want to ensure that the business sector in Exeter is represented and involved in discussions around homelessness. Conversations help identify shared challenges & bold new ideas; both of which are as important as donations or fundraisers.’

This partnership has seen the first donation point of its kind pop up on the Brewdog window while renovation of the unit is going ahead. You can donate by card and each £3 donation gets you 10% off any food when Brewdog opens which is a great incentive to do something good today! 

Brewdog will be opening to the public in December 2020 and brings quality beer and great food!