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TedxExeter provides a unique platform in Exeter which brings together influential thinkers, policymakers and a diverse audience at their annual conference and at smaller events throughout the year.

TedxExeter think about the major challenges facing us all and invite speakers whose work and vision are making a real difference to share their ideas. TedxExeter also work with young people to think about intergenerational equity and the most important ideas they want to share.

There is a real hunger in Exeter for TedxExeter events, 900 tickets for the main annual conference sell out in minutes. To meet demand, the events are made available free to view via livestream. In 2018 over 34,000 people in 35 countries registered their interest to watch the day live.

The TEDxExeter team works to include a diverse audience at events: half of ticket sales are concessions with many young people and members of community groups in the audience. To include the deaf community the whole day is signed in BSL.

The talks inform, challenge and entertain, and the audience are encouraged to connect with each other, reflect on the day and turn inspiration to action, to help create real change.