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Hutch Houseplants' Brand New Shop

Frankie and Rob standing outside Hutch Houseplants

If you’ve recently landed in Exeter from outer space or have perhaps been living in a tent for the past few years, then there’s a chance that the house plant revolution could have passed you by. But if not, then we’re certain you’ll have some shiny green leaves in your kitchen or living room, and there’s a fairly high chance that you’ll have visited Hutch at some point.

Hutch took Exeter by storm when it opened in Paris Street back in 2017 and whilst the impending lockdown provided its own set of challenges, as it did for all retail businesses, Hutch has continued to go from strength to strength ever since. And now, in the week leading up to their opening of larger premises in The Depot (thankfully, just around the corner from their Paris Street beginnings), we sat down with the team behind the brand to find out more about them.

Frankie and Rob were originally from London and Hampshire respectively, but Rob’s time at Exeter University provided him with the chance to get to know the south west. So much so, that his parents promptly moved to Exeter, giving him even more opportunity to enjoy spending time here. Frankie had spent many holidays in the area and the couple soon moved to Exeter for a better quality of life and to set up their brand-new business, Hutch.

They absolutely love being based here in the city and say that they think Exeter is a great size with everything that they could want or need.

Frankie added: “We are both lovers of coffee and are frequent visitors to The Undergrad (next door to the new Hutch shop) and Chandos Deli. We also love a vintage or second-hand shop and Sidwell Street has some great charity shops! When the sun is shining, the Cathedral is great for a walk around.”

And whilst the couple have now moved to Crediton to bring up their family, Hutch’s roots are still very much in the city centre, something that they feel is important.

Frankie said: “We are regularly having chats with our customers about the changing high street and the need for an ‘experience’ and something a little different to draw people into Exeter. It’s so great to have a city where there are quite a lot of independent shops, offering some truly great products and experiences.”

As founders of Hutch, Exeter will always hold a very special place in Frankie and Rob’s hearts, as being the place that they are able to do what they love. The couple say that they don’t ever see themselves leaving the area now and with their business and their family here, they’ve put down roots for good.

We asked what they’d say to somebody who has never visited Hutch?

Frankie replied: “We hope to welcome you to a shop like never before, stepping out of the city and into a jungle. We regularly joke that we also offer probably the cleanest air in the city!

“We welcome everyone into Hutch and are on hand to help with any plant questions you may have; from self-confessed plant addicts to complete newbies, we want everyone to leave feeling that they’re ready and able to care for the plants that they pick up from us.”

We’re sold! Good luck to Frankie and Rob in their move.

Hutch’s brand-new shop opens on Saturday 9 April in Unit 6, The Depot, EX1 2FW. You can also order online at

Frankie and Rob inside Hutch Houseplants